äänestys englanniksi   voting, runoff, poll, vote, ballot


*: We have said all this: all this we say, and will continue to say; and we have talked, too, and shall talk, about the divers most curious votings and enactings of this House ...

: The runoff of nitrates is poisoning the lake.

: There will now be a runoff as neither front runner received more than 50% of the vote.

: The student council had a poll to see what people want served in the cafeteria.

*: All soldiers quartered in place are to remove ... and not to return till one day after the poll is ended.

: The polls close at 8 p.m.

*: ...the doctor, as if to hear better, had taken off his powdered wig, and sat there, looking very strange indeed with his own close-cropped black poll.

*: And you might perceive the president and general manager, Mr. R. G. Atterbury, with his priceless polished poll, busy in the main office room dictating letters..

*: We are the greater poll, and in true fear / They gave us our demands.

*: The muster file, rotten and sound, upon my life, amounts not to fifteen thousand poll.

: rfquotek|Beaconsfield

: He polled a hundred votes more than his opponent.

*: poll for points of faith his trusty vote

: to poll the hair; to poll wool; to poll grass

*: Who, as he polled off his darts head, so sure he had decreed / That all the counsels of their war he would poll off like it.

*: when he [Absalom] polled his head

*: His death did so grieve them that they polled themselves; they clipped off their horse and mules hairs.

: to poll a tree

: The network hub polled the departments computers to determine which ones could still respond.

*: The election was a resounding defeat for Robert McCartney who polled badly in the six constituencies he contested and even lost his own Assembly seat in North Down.

*: which polls and pills the poor in piteous wise

*: the man that polled but twelve pence for his head

*: polling the reformed churches whether they equalize in number those of his three kingdoms

: a polled deed

: rfquotek|Burrill

: Poll Hereford

: Red Poll cows

*: Sheep, that is, the Horned sort, and those without Horns, called Poll Sheep [...]

*: About 15000 cattle, comprising 10000 Hereford and Poll Hereford, 4000 Aberdeen Angus and 1000 Shorthorn and Poll Shorthorn, are grazed [...]

*: Otherwise, both horned and poll sheep continue to be bred from an inner stud. suositut haut
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