alkoholi englanniksi   spirit, alcohol


*: ...a triumph of the spirit over the flesh.

: A wandering spirit haunts the island.

*: Whilst young, preserve his tender mind from all impressions of spirits and goblins in the dark.

: ux|en|School spirit is at an all-time high.

: ux|en|In the spirit of forgiveness, we didnt press charges.

*: A perfect judge will read each work of wit / With the same spirit that its author writ.

*: "Write it then, quickly," replied Bede; and summoning all his spirits together, like the last blaze of a candle going out, he indited it, and expired.

: a ruling spirit; a schismatic spirit

*: Such spirits as he desired to please, such would I choose for my judges.

: to be cheerful, or in good spirits; to be down-hearted, or in bad spirits

*: God has ... made a spirit of building succeed a spirit of pulling down.

*: For, else he sure had left not one alive, / But all, in his Revenge, of Spirit would deprive.

*: The mild air, with season moderate, / Gently attempered, and disposed so well, / That still it breathed forth sweet spirit.

*: Be it a letter or spirit, we have great use for it.

: the spirit of an enterprise, or of a document

*: the four spirits and the bodies seven

*: I felt as if I had been spirited into some castle of antiquity.

: Civil dissensions often spirit the ambition of private men.

*: Many officers and private men spirit up and assist those obstinate people to continue in their rebellion.

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