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*: He quickly deduced our goal—ship a quality beta—but he also quickly discerned that we had no idea about the quality of the product because of our pile of untriaged bugs.

*: “I guess in your psychological language of alpha males and beta males, I would be firmly in the camp that prefers the more laid-back betas,” she took a deep breath, “like your father.”

*: “They want sexy, virile alpha males, yes? But that doesnt come with sensitive and loyal and all of that. Thats a beta. A frickin collie, Lola. ...

*: Shed always had a thing for alpha males. Not that she had any intention of being bossed around, even if one had her best interests at heart. Her fascination with alphas was that they were a challenge. Betas didnt hold much of an appeal.

*: My thanks to Heather; who read it and betaed it. Thank you.

*: Beta’ing is time-consuming, so asking a lot of people to give you a detailed analysis isn’t the most polite thing to do.

*: The next part is written and betad (thanks, Jen!), ready to go but <shuffles feet> I havent even started what should be the final part yet.

*: I had the honor of betaing this story and as I was doing the first read through I had the odd, but lovely, experience when a story suspends the reader in its own rhythm and flow, its own reality.

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