elintärkeä englanniksi   essential, crucial, vital


: Don’t mind him being grumpy. That’s the essential Fred.

*: Is it true, that thou art but a name, / And no essential thing?

: ux|en|The battle of Tali-Ihantala in 1944 is one of the crucial moments in the history of Finland.

: ux|en|A secure supply of crude oil is crucial for any modern nation, let alone a superpower.

: ux|en|Delbert Wilkins is the most crucial pirate radio DJ in Brixton.

: vital energies; vital functions; vital actions

: The brain is a vital organ.

*: Do the heavens afford him vital food?

: The transition to farming was vital for the creation of civilisation.

: Birth, marriage and death certificates are vital records.

: It is vital that you dont forget to do your homework.

*: spirits that live throughout, vital in every part

*: The dart flew on, and pierced a vital part.

*: Pythagoras and Hippocrates ... affirm the birth of the seventh month to be vital.

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