ennenaikainen englanniksi   premature, untimely, early


: a premature birth

: untimely remarks

: an untimely death

: ux|en|at eleven, we went for an early lunch;  she began reading at an early age;  his mother suffered an early death

: ux|en|Youre early today! I dont usually see you before nine oclock.

: ux|en|The early guests sipped their punch and avoided each others eyes.

: ux|en|The play "Two Gentlemen of Verona" is one of Shakespeares early works.

: ux|en|Early results showed their winning 245 out of 300 seats in parliament. The main opponent locked up only 31 seats.

: ux|en|early cancer

: ux|en|We finished the project an hour sooner than scheduled, so we left early.

*: Those that seek me early shall find me.

*: You must wake and call me early.

*: On my first day on the watch after leaving the shoplifting squad I paraded on earlies but had completely forgotten to take my ear ring off.

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