erittely englanniksi   decomposition, breakout, breakdown, differentiation


*: But for those of you who never had teenage acne or who had some teenage acne problems and outgrew them, it is a real shock to start having breakouts in the mid twenties to late thirties.

: We saw a breakdown by the side of the road.

: After so much stress, he suffered a breakdown and simply gave up.

: Looking at the breakdown of the budget, I see a few items we could cut.

*: And now its time for a breakdown!

*: The fired-up foursome takes itself very seriously, singing politically charged lyrics, which, in the tradition of Strife and Damnation AD, are strategically placed in the middle of slamming, moshable breakdowns.

*: Dont clear out when the quadrilles are over, for we are going to have a breakdown to wind up with.

: Foggy Mountain Breakdown

*: Towards nine the three miners said that as they had brought their instruments they might as well tune up, for the boys and girls would soon be arriving now, and hungry for a good old fashioned breakdown. A fiddle, a banjo, and a clarinet - these were the instruments.

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