hämähäkki englanniksi   spider


*: Cut slices and lay them in cold water in the spider; boil them up two or three minutes, then pour off the water and set the spider again on the coals and brown the slices on each side.

*: In spider pan or deep skillet set over hot coals, quickly fry a few at a time in deep lard until brown.

*: Melt ½ the dry sugar in the spider, stirring with knife until all is melted.

*: If you are deep-frying your falafel, use a spider or basket to place them gently into the hot oil, which should be preheated to a temperature of 175°C (330°F).

*: Consider investing in a frying basket or a spider for small amounts of fish. A spider looks like a metal web and has a long handle and can lower and raise fish from the hot oil.

*: A year later she returned to El Cap and spidered up the wall again — this time in 23 hours.

*: They saved the hall though the facing and part of the roof had to be torn out and replaced, men spidered over the building to repair it before Coaker&

*: Briefly he considered letting go to glide along in Radu&

*: High walls surrounded it on all sides, each one covered with the skeletal stems of climbing plants that spidered across the stones, and the ground was cobbled between patches of frozen grass.

*: Large cracks spidered across the mask&

*: Moss spidered across the stone, fresh green. Seaweed sprouted bright yellows and ochres between the vast webs of fingers.

: The online dictionary is regularly spidered by search engines.

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