huopa englanniksi   rug, felt, blanket


*: They then cut down a quantity of gum-tree leaves for a bed, and threw their rugs upon them ready for bed-time.

*: Furnish every sleeping apartment with a sufficient number of toilet utensils and bedsteads, and sufficient bedding so that each bed shall be provided with a mattress, two sheets, a rug, and, in winter time, not less than one additional rug.

*: My own son had a bunny rug of which he was very fond and on being put to bed he would always demand his “bunny rug to suck his finger with.?

*: She tucked in a rug round the woman. “How’s that?” The woman nodded gratefully.

*: He brought with him a rug and a sheet, and lay down by the fire.

*: They spin the choicest rug in Ireland. A friend of mine ... repaired to Paris Garden clad in one of these Waterford rugs.

: rfquotek|Sir Walter Scott

*: It were a delicate stratagem to shoe A troop of horse with felt.

*: To know whether sheep are sound or not, see that the felt be loose.

: rfquotek|Sir Matthew Hale

: to felt the cylinder of a steam engine

*: Conversions to Islam can therefore be a deeply felt aesthetic experience that rarely occurs in Christian accounts of conversion, which are generally the source rather than the result of a Christian experience of beauty.

: The baby was cold, so his mother put a blanket over him.

*: The little boys in the front bedroom had thrown off their blankets and lay under the sheets.

: The city woke under a thick blanket of fog.

: A press operator must carefully wash the blanket whenever changing a plate.

: They sought to create a blanket solution for all situations.

: a blanket ban

*: Ill ... blanket my loins.

: A fresh layer of snow blanketed the area.

*: I see the moon go off watch, and the darkness begin to blanket the river.

: The salesman blanketed the entire neighborhood.

*: Well have our men blanket em i the hall.

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