hylkiö englanniksi   louse, skunk, outcast, derelict, castaway, reject


: I skunked him at cards.

: We fished all day but the lake skunked us.

*: In the early 1980s, certain ex-punks joined them, becoming skunks – a hybrid subculture of skinheads and punks.

*: ...mods, skins, suedes, smoothies, punks, skunks, rude boys, soul boys and headbangers...

*: All as a blazing starre doth farre outcast / His hearie beames, and flaming lockes dispredd [...].

*: Outcast, rejected.

: There was a derelict ship on the island.

*: The affections which these exposed or derelict children bear to their mothers, have no grounds of nature or assiduity but civility and opinion.

*: They easily prevailed, so as to seize upon the vacant, unoccupied, and derelict minds of his friends; and instantly they turned the vessel wholly out of the course of his policy.

*: A government which is either unable or unwilling to redress such wrongs is derelict to its highest duties.

*: A rather pathetic figure, the Lady Frances, a beautiful woman, still in fresh middle age, and yet, by a strange chance, the last derelict of what only twenty years ago was a goodly fleet.

*: As they hunt, the Archers and Duval find many derelicts and neer-do-wells in many parts of Paris.

*: If theyre lazy derelicts and neer-do-wells shell eat em up. But shes waiting for real men — British to the bone —

*: We see the distinction at work when victims of natural disasters and terrorist attacks are treated more generously than derelicts and drug addicts.

: After the mutiny, the castaway ships officers suffered a month at sea in the lifeboat.

: The storm left them castaway on an uninhabited island.

: Robinson Crusoe was a famous fictional castaway.

: This old coat was a castaway in someones trash.

: These homeless people are societys castaways.

: ux|en|She even rejected my improved offer.

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