irtonainen englanniksi   free, friable, loose, separate


: ux|en|He was given free rein to do whatever he wanted.

: ux|en|a free man

*: He was free only with a few.

: ux|en|Hes very free with his money.

*: My hands are guilty, but my heart is free.

: ux|en|free time

: ux|en|a free school

*: Why, sir, I pray, are not the streets as free / For me as for you?

: ux|en|This is a free country.

: ux|en|OpenOffice is [[free software|free software]].

: ux|en|The government provides free health care.

: ux|en|Buy a TV to get a free DVD player!

: ux|en|the free group on three generators

: ux|en|z is the free variable in \forall x\exists y:xy=z.

: ux|en|the drain was free

: ux|en|a free radical

: ux|en|You can sit on this chair; its free.

: ux|en|In this group of mushrooms, the gills are free.

*: Furthermore, the free anterior margin of the lobule is arched toward the lobe and is often involute...

: ux|en|We had a wholesome, filling meal, free of meat.  I would like to live free from care in the mountains.

*: princes declaring themselves free from the obligations of their treaties

: ux|en|a free horse

*: He therefore makes all birds, of every sect, / Free of his farm.

: ux|en|free service;  free socage

: rfquotek|Burrill

: ux|en|a free fishery;  a free warren

: rfquotek|Burrill

: I got this bike free.

*: I as free forgive you / As I would be forgiven.

*: Whether deserved or not, the free gave Cresswell the chance to cover himself in glory with a shot on goal after the siren.

*: Spiders had woven their vague trapezes between the friable heads of dead peonies in enormous glass jars streaked with tide marks where the water had evaporated long ago.

*: This light, friable type of material offered excellent insulation against both desert heat and also the cold of darkness during the winter.

*: April 1987, Old-House Journal

*: It is when [[asbestos]]-containing products are friable that hazardous asbestos fibers are likely to be released and sent airborne.

*: Ye shall find an ass tied, and a colt with her; loose them, and bring them unto me.

*: Now when Paul and his company loosed from Paphos, they came to Perga in Pamphylia: and John departing from them returned to Jerusalem.

: rfquotek|Spenser

: This wheelbarrow has a loose wheel.

: You can buy apples in a pack, but they are cheaper loose.

: The dog is loose again.

*: Now I stand / Loose of my vow; but who knows Catos thoughts?

: I wear loose clothes when it is hot.

: It is difficult walking on loose gravel.

: a cloth of loose texture

*: with horse and chariots ranked in loose array

: She danced with a loose flowing movement.

: a loose way of reasoning

*: The comparison employed ... must be considered rather as a loose analogy than as an exact scientific explanation.

: Loose talk costs lives.

*: In all these he was much and deeply read; / But not a page of any thing thats loose, / Or hints continuation of the species, / Was ever sufferd, lest he should grow vicious.

*: loose ladies in delight

*: the loose morality which he had learned

: He caught an elbow going after a loose ball.

: The puck was momentarily loose right in front of the net.

: rfquotek|John Locke

*: The defeat will leave manager Martin Johnson under pressure after his gamble of pairing Jonny Wilkinson and Toby Flood at 10 and 12 failed to ignite the England back line, while his forwards were repeatedly second best at the set-piece and in the loose.

: rfquotek|Prior

*: Vent all its griefs, and give a loose to sorrow.

: rfquotek|Ben Jonson

: Im going to loose this game.

: This chair can be disassembled into five separate pieces.

: I try to keep my personal life separate from work.

: ux|en|Separate the articles from the headings.

*: From the fine gold I separate the alloy.

*: Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?

: ux|en|If the kids get too noisy, separate them for a few minutes.

: ux|en|The sauce will separate if you dont keep stirring.

*: Separate me Barnabas and Saul for the work whereunto I have called them.

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