karjaista englanniksi   roar


*: Sole on the barren sands, the suffering chief / Roared out for anguish, and indulged his grief.

: The audience roared at his jokes.

: ux|en|The lioness roared to scare off the hyenas.

*: Roaring bulls he would him make to tame.

*: The brazen throat of war had ceased to roar.

*: How oft I crossed where carts and coaches roar.

*: This last action will roar thy infamy.

*: It was a mad, roaring time, full of extravagance.

*: The Winkies were not a brave people, but they had to do as they were told. So they marched away until they came near to Dorothy. Then the Lion gave a great roar and sprang towards them, and the poor Winkies were so frightened that they ran back as fast as they could.

: the roar of a motorbike

*: "Those lovely valleys and mountains were filled throughout the day and night with the roar of heavy shooting."

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