kastike englanniksi   sauce, gravy


: apple sauce; mint sauce

: [meat] pie and [tomato] sauce

: Maybe you should lay off the sauce.

*: Roots, herbs, vine fruits, and salad flowers ... they dish up various ways, and find them very delicious sauce to their meats, both roasted and boiled, fresh and salt.

*: The first night of our expedition, we boiled our meat; and I asked the landlady for a little sauce, she told me to go to the garden and take as much cabbage as I pleased, and that, boiled with the meat, was all we could eat.

: rfquotek|Forby

: rfquotek|Bartlett

*: Earth, yield me roots; / Who seeks for better of thee, sauce his palate / With thy most operant poison!

*: Then fell she to sauce her desires with threatenings.

*: Ill sauce her with bitter words.

: ux|en|A roast dinner isnt complete without gravy.

: ux|en|There are few foods more Southern than biscuits and gravy.

*: With this the hostess poured two or three spoonfuls of the gravy of the curry on to the rice opposite to each person.

*: Now it seems that Pa Senik was a little deaf. Awang noticed that his father-in-law sometimes poured the gravy of his curry on his rice and that sometimes he sucked it up.

*: This is strained with a piece of cloth or a strainer and the green liquid forms the gravy of the curry.

*: Return flaked fish to curry gravy and bring to the boil.

: The first thousand tickets and the concessions cover the venue and the band. The rest is gravy.

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