katumus englanniksi   regret, penitence, repentance, remorse


: ux|en|He regretted his words.

: ux|en|I regret that I have to do this, but I dont have a choice.

*: What man does not remember with regret the first time he read Robinson Crusoe?

*: Never any prince expressed a more lively regret for the loss of a servant.

*: From its peaceful bosom [the grave] spring none but fond regrets and tender recollections.

: rfquotek|Dr. H. More

*: Failure, disgrace, poverty, sorrow, despair, suffering, tears even, the broken words that come from lips in pain, remorse that makes one walk on thorns, conscience that condemns . . . —all these were things of which I was afraid.

*: This is the bloodiest shame,

*: The wildest savagery, the vilest stroke,

*: That ever wall-eyed wrath or staring rage

*: Presented to the tears of soft remorse.

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