keskenmeno englanniksi   miscarriage, abort, abortion


*: for feare least blame / Of her miscarriage should in her be fond, / She wist not how tamend, nor how it to withstond.

*: In Japonia tis a common thing to stifle their children if they be poor, or to make an abort, which Aristotle commends.

: Weve had aborts on three of our last seven launches.

: Weve had three aborts over the last two days.

*: Insomuch that I do honestly believe, there can be no place in the world, where such intolerable abortions, begotten of the sculptor’s chisel, are to be found in such profusion, as in Rome.

*: Dickey on his own manages to turn a simple bo diddley 1-2-3-4 into an absolute abortion of a song.

*: an absolute abortion of a book

*: The transfer or loss of the project manager before the project is completed will result in lost continuity and delay or the abortion of the project and/or the report.

*: ... the abrupt abortion of the trip after eleven days.

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