kohina englanniksi   murmur, wash, noise, static


*: In the prison of the tween decks reigned a darkness pregnant with murmurs. The sentry at the entrance to the hatchway was supposed to "prevent the prisoners from making a noise," but he put a very liberal interpretation upon the clause, and so long as the prisoners refrained from shouting, yelling, and fighting--eccentricities in which they sometimes indulged--he did not disturb them.

: A murmur arose from the audience.

*: The moment had come for the honeyed word. I lowered my voice to a confidential murmur, but on her inquiring if I had laryngitis raised it again.

*: In fear of disease and in the interest of his health man will be muzzled and masked like a vicious dog, and that without any murmur of complaint.

*: Glossop will return from his afternoon off to find the awful majesty of the Law waiting for him, complete with handcuffs. We can hardly expect him to accept an exemplary sentence without a murmur, so his first move will be to establish his innocence by revealing all.

*: The Iewes then murmured at him because he sayde: I am that breed which is come doune from heaven.

: ux|en|I couldnt hear the words; he just murmured a lot.

: ux|en|The bees murmured in the forest. The waves murmured on the shore.

*: I...heard thee murmur tales of iron wars.

: ux|en|The car is so dirty, we need to wash it.

: ux|en|Dishwashers wash dishes much more efficiently than most humans.

: Heavy rains wash a road or an embankment.

: ux|en|The flood washed away houses.

: ux|en|I wash every morning after getting up.

: Waves wash the shore.

*: fresh-blown roses washed with dew

*: [the landscape] washed with a cold, grey mist

: to hear the water washing

*: The king is running out of ideas as well as cash. His favourite shock-absorbing tactic—to blame his governments and sack his prime ministers—hardly washes.

: ux|en|Some calicoes do not wash.

: steel washed with silver

: Im going to have a quick wash before coming to bed.

: My jacket needs a wash.

: Theres a lot in that wash: maybe you should split it into two piles.

: I could hear the wash of the wave.

: The ship left a big wash

: Sail away from the wash to avoid rocking the boat.

: mouth wash

: hand wash

*: The wash of pastures, fields, commons, and roads, where rain water hath a long time settled.

*: These Lincoln washes have devoured them.

*: In some desert-wash systems (which have been termed “xero-riparian”)

*: ...though the wash may carry surface water for only a few hours a year.

*: Rock Spring Wash continues a short distance then joins Watson Wash. Water from Rock Spring comes out of the boulder strewn wash and disappears into the sand

*: I knew that for every vote I cast for, say, the Republicans, some kid at a polling place nearby was casting his votes for the Democrats, so it was probably a wash or close to it.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

: rfquotek|B. Edwards

: a carriage wash in a stable

: ux|en|He knew that it was trash day, when the garbage collectors made all the noise.

*: The heavens turn about in a most rapid motion without noise to us perceived.

: ux|en|The problems with the new computer system are causing a lot of noise at Head Office.

*: What noise have we had about transplantation of diseases and transfusion of blood!

*: Socrates lived in Athens during the great plague which has made so much noise in all ages.

*: The king has his noise of gypsies.

: rfquotek|Milton

: rfquotek|Milton

*: When this was noysed aboute, the multitude cam togedder and were astonyed, because that every man herde them speake in his awne tongue.

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