kultainen englanniksi   sweetheart, gold, golden


: She is such a sweetheart, she never complains about me being late.

: John married his highschool sweetheart in 1981.

: color panel|FFD700

: France has won three golds and five silvers.

*: Now obviously this meant that I went over my allotted time, but the theatre management didnt mind because I was giving them comedy gold and thats what gets bums on seats.

*: Marge Quincey didnt deserve a husband like his dad. He was pure gold, and she wasnt worth a light beside him.

: She wore a golden crown.

: Under a golden sun.

: The Renaissance was a golden era.

: the [[Golden Horseshoe]]

: This is a golden opportunity

: Its not long until our golden wedding.

*: It goldened, as nothing else goldened, the commonplace countryside.

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