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: ux|en|I only like lamb chops with mint jelly.

*: I was standing at the meat counter, waiting for some rib lamb chops to be cut.

: ux|en|It should take just one good chop to fell the sapling.

: ux|en|A karate chop.

: ux|en|With both players having an ace-high straight, the pot was a chop.

: chop wood; chop an onion

: Chop off his head.

*: Out of greediness to get both, he chops at the shadow, and loses the substance.

*: This fellow interrupted the sermon, even suddenly chopping in.

*: this is not to put down Prelaty, this is but to chop an Episcopacy; this is but to translate the Palace Metropolitan from one kind of dominion into another, this is but an old canonicall sleight of commuting our penance.

*: We go on chopping and changing our friends.

: The wind chops about.

*: Let not the counsel at the bar chop with the judge.

: East Chop; West Chop

: rfquotek|Marryat

: silk of the first chop

*: IRC supports mechanisms for the enforcement of acceptable behaviour on IRC. Channel operators — "chanops" or "chops" — have access to the /kick command, which throws a specified user out of the given channel.

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