kytkin englanniksi   switch, flag, shackle, clutch


*: "A proper switch is a slim, flexible branch off a tree or a bush. A switch applied to the buttocks stings fiercely. It may leave red marks or bruises, but it causes no lasting damage.."

: Use the /b switch to specify black-and-white printing.

*: Ideally, if one of your ladies happens to be a switch (or would be willing to switch for this scene), I would love to be able to inflict a little "revenge tickling" as well, as part of a scenario.

: ux|en|I want to switch this red dress for a green one.

: ux|en|Switch the light on.

*: They were looking on the ground, absorbed in thought. The manager was switching his leg with a slender twig: his sagacious relative lifted his head.

: ux|en|I want to switch to a different seat.

: to switch a cane

: The angry cats tail switched back and forth.

: to switch a hedge

: rfquotek|Halliwell

: to switch off a train; to switch a car from one track to another

: Please flag down a taxi for me.

: to flag an order to troops or vessels at a distance

: Ive flagged up the need for further investigation into this.

: Users of the Internet forum can flag others posts as inappropriate.

: The compiler flagged three errors.

: Flag the debug option before running the program.

*: This method of hunting, however, is not so much practised now as formerly, as the antelope are getting continually shyer and more difficult to flag.

: His strength flagged toward the end of the race.

*: The pleasures of the town begin to flag.

*: as loose it [the sail] flagged around the mast

: to flag the wings

: rfquotek|Prior

*: Nothing so flags the spirits.

*: And laden barges float

*: By banks of myosote;

*: And scented flag and golden flower-de-lys

*: Delay the loitering boat.

*: His very will seems to be in bonds and shackles.

*: Most of the men and women ... had all earrings made of gold, and gold shackles about their legs and arms.

: rfquotek|Pegge

: This law would effectively shackle its opposition.

: to clutch power

*: A man may set the poles together in his head, and clutch the whole globe at one intellectual grasp.

*: Is this a dagger which I see before me ...? / Come, let me clutch thee.

: She clutched her purse tightly and walked nervously into the building.

*: Not that I have the power to clutch my hand.

*: the clutch of poverty

*: an expiring clutch at popularity

*: I must have ... little care of myself, if I ever more come near the clutches of such a giant.

*: You scold yourself; you know it is only your nerves—and yet, and yet... In a little while it is impossible to resist the terror that seizes you, and you are helpless in the clutch of an unseen horror.

*: The clutch which I had made to save myself in falling had torn away this chin-band and let the lower jaw drop on the breast; but little else was disturbed, and there was Colonel John Mohune resting as he had been laid out a century ago.

*: I start with his most obvious characteristic: he was clutch. He is Mr. Clutch. In the last chapter I mentioned that Bernie Williams was clutch, which was a valid assessment, but nobody on the Yankees was as clutch as Jeter was.

*: No longer would [[Briton]]s routinely blame the national government when things went wrong. Instead they would demand action from a new clutch of elected mayors, police commissioners and the like.

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