laajalla englanniksi   abroad


: A tree spreads its branches abroad.

*: Again: The lonely fox roams far abroad, / On ?ecret rapine bend and midnight fraud; ...

: to walk abroad

*: I went to St. James, where another was preaching in the court abroad.

*: Was it so irreconcilable, Warwick wondered, as still to peal out the curfew bell, which at nine oclock at night had clamorously warned all negroes, slave or free, that it was unlawful for them to be abroad after that hour, under penalty of imprisonment or whipping?

*: Another prince ... was living abroad ...

*: He went out, and began to publish it much, and to blaze abroad the matter.

*: I hate abroad, abroad’s bloody.

*: I am not, however, a xenophobe: obviously, abroad has some good ideas—arranged marriages, violent revolutions and so on.

*: That is not a xenophobic remark. I am a xenophiliac; I love abroad. I love foreigners. I just do not like the way that they are running the European agricultural policy.

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