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: ux|en|“Eyes Wide Shut” was the last film to be directed by Stanley Kubrick.

: ux|en|The last time I saw him, he was married.

: ux|en|I have received your note dated the 17th last, and am responding to say that....   label|en|archaic|_|usage

: He is the last person to be accused of theft.

: ux|en|The last person I want to meet is Helen.

: ux|en|More rain is the last thing we need right now.

: ux|en|Japan is the last empire.

*: Contending for principles of the last importance.

: the last prize

: rfquotek|Alexander Pope

: Last night the moon was full.

: We went there last year.

: Last Tuesday was Halloween.

: rft-sense Last time we talked about this was in January.

: Its Wednesday, and the party was last Tuesday; that is, not yesterday, but eight days ago.

: When we last met, he was based in Toronto.

*: How long ist now since last yourself and I / Were in a mask?

: Ill go last.

: [[last but not least]]

*: Pleased with his idol, he commends, admires, / Adores; and, last, the thing adored desires.

: ux|en|Summer seems to last longer each year.

: ux|en|They seem happy now, but that wont last long.

*: Thus the red damask curtains which now shut out the fog-laden, drizzling atmosphere of the Marylebone Road, had cost a mere song, and yet they might have been warranted to last another thirty years. A great bargain also had been the excellent Axminster carpet which covered the floor;nb....

: ux|en|I dont know how much longer we can last without reinforcements.

*: How is an in-your-face black leather thigh-high lace-up boot with a four-inch spike heel like a mans black calf lace-up oxford? They are both made on a last, the wood or plastic foot-shaped form that leather is stretched over and shaped to make a shoe.

: to last a boot

*: Now we so quietly followed our businesse, that in three moneths wee made three or foure Last of Tarre, Pitch, and Sope ashes [...].

*: The last of wool is twelve sacks.

*: The tonnage of the [[w:Duyfken|Duyfken]] of Harmenszs fleet is given as 25 and 30 lasten.

: rfquotek|Gwilt

: rfquotek|Dana

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