misu englanniksi   honey, pussy


*: So work the honey-bees, / Creatures that by a rule in nature teach / The act of order to a peopled kingdom.

*: O my love, my wife! / Death, that hath suckd the honey of thy breath / Hath had no power yet upon thy beauty.

*: the honey of his language

: Honey, would you take out the trash?

: Honey, Im home.

: Man, there are some fine honeys here tonight!

: color panel|FDD378

*: Honeying and making love.

*: Rough to common men, / But honey at the whisper of a lord.

*: And although, as someone recently said to me, they are not "designer" (she had expected my pussies to be expensive, with a pedigree), to me my cats are the most beautiful in the world.

*: If Lloyd George’s endearments to mistress Frances Stevenson – “My darling Pussy. You might phone… on Friday if you can come. Don’t let Hankey see you” – had been made similarly public, would he have maintained his own reputation as a towering statesman?

: You have a lovely pussy!

: I’m gonna get me some pussy tonight.

: You are such a pussy!

*: I couldnt carry the burden of shame engendered by the bully-boy advertising of "max-strength" cold and flu remedies, the obvious subtext of which is "Get to work, you pussy."

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