neito englanniksi   maid, maiden, damsel


: Note - maid is often used in the [[common]] or [[species]] names of flowering plants.

*: Crist was a mayde and shapen as a man.

*: You are betrothed both to a maid and man.

: ux|en|Shes unmarried and still a maiden.

*: As for that said sire Bors I wille be shryuen with a good wylle / Soo syr Bors was confessyd / and for al wymmen sir Bors was a vyrgyne / sauf for one / that was the doughter of kynge Brangorys / and on her he gat a child that hyghte Elayne / and sauf for her syre Bors was a clene mayden

: rfquotek|Wharton

*: a surprising old maiden lady

*: Have you no modesty, no maiden shame?

: The Titanic sank on its maiden voyage.

: After Edmund Burkes maiden speech, William Pitt the Elder said Burke had "spoken in such a manner as to stop the mouths of all Europe" and that the Commons should congratulate itself on acquiring such a member.

*: maiden flowers

*: Full bravely hast thou fleshed / Thy maiden sword.

: rfquotek|T. Warton

: rfquotek|Macaulay

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