ohitus englanniksi   passing, bypass


*: And solace sought he none from priest nor leech, / And soon the same in movement and in speech / As heretofore he filld the passing hours ...

*: It might be possible to dismiss

*: her passing deformity

*: It was by dint of passing strength, / That he moved the massy stone at length.

*: That parliament was destined, in one short hour of convulsive strength, in one short hour of passing glory, to humble the pride and alarm the fears of England.

*: Ardent pro-lifer Rick Santorum made one passing reference to "authenticity" as a litmus test for a conservative candidate, but if he was obliquely referring to Romney (and he was), you could be excused for missing the dig.

*: One, pale as yonder waning moon, / With lips of lurid blue; / The other, rosy as the morn / When throned on oceans wave, / It blushes oer the world: / Yet both so passing wonderful!

*: ‘I find it passing strange that convicts understand honest folk, but honest folk dont understand convicts.’

*: And since he did not see Louie by the folding door, Louie knew that in his former passings and repassings he could not have seen her either.

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