ostolaita englanniksi   axe


: His girlfriend/boss/[[schoolmaster]] gave him the axe.

*: I had a job in the great North Woods

*: Workin as a cook for a spell.

*: But I never did like it all that much

*: And one day the axe just fell.

: A financial [[dealer]] has an axe in a stock that his buyers dont know about, giving him an advantage in making the most profit.

: Those stocks are losing value quickly; hes axed to sell now before they drop even lower.

: The government announced its plans to axe public spending.

: The broadcaster axed the series because far less people than expected watched it.

: He got axed in the last round of firings.

*: But if thei wolen ony thing lerne, at home axe thei her hosebondis; for it is foule thing to a womman to speke in chirche.

*: And the people axed hym, sayinge: What shall we do then.

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