pantti englanniksi   security, collateral, core, pledge, deposit


*: Give up yourself merely to chance and hazard, / From firm security.

*: Some ... alleged that we should have no security for our trade.

*: Those who lent him money lent it on no security but his bare word.

*: He means, my lord, that we are too remiss,

*: Whilst Bolingbroke, through our security,

*: Grows strong and great in substance and in power.

*: Yet the attempt may give / Collateral interest to this homely tale.

: Although not a direct cause, the border skirmish was certainly a collateral incitement for the war.

: ux|en|collateral damage

*: That he [Atterbury] was altogether in the wrong on the main question, and on all the collateral questions springing out of it, ... is true.

: Uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews and nieces are collateral relatives.

*: The pure blood all descends from five collateral lines called Al-Khamsah (the Cinque).

: collateral pressure

*: collateral light

*: If by direct or by collateral hand / They find us touched, we will our kingdom give ... / To you in satisfaction.

: Besides the arteries blood streams through numerous veins we call collaterals

: ux|en|the core of an apple or quince

: ux|en|the core of a square

: rfquotek|Sir Walter Raleigh

: ux|en|the core of a subject

: ux|en|I wanted to play a particular computer game, which required I buy a new computer, so while the game said it needed at least a dual-core processor, I wanted my computer to be a bit ahead of the curve, so I bought a quad-core.

: ux|en|a floor panel with a Nomex honeycomb core

: rfquotek|Halliwell

*: He was in a core of people.

: rfquotek|Raymond

*: HARDCASTLE [Taking the cup.] I hope youll find it to your mind. I have prepared it with my own hands, and I believe youll own the ingredients are tolerable. Will you be so good as to pledge me, sir? Here, Mr. Marlow, here is to our better acquaintance. [Drinks.]

*: Reach me my golden cup that stands by thee,

*: And pledge me in it first for courtesy.

: a mineral deposit

: a deposit of seaweed on the shore

: They put a deposit on the apartment.

: A crocodile deposits her eggs in the sand.

: The waters deposited a rich alluvium.

*: The fear is deposited in conscience.

: to deposit goods in a warehouse

: rfquotek|Hammond

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