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: ux|en|Guns were considered improvements of [[crossbow]]s and [[catapult]]s.

*: They burned the old gun that used to stand in the dark corner up in the garret, close to the stuffed fox that always grinned so fiercely. Perhaps the reason why he seemed in such a ghastly rage was that he did not come by his death fairly. Otherwise his pelt would not have been so perfect.

*: It was April 22, 1831, and a young man was walking down Whitehall in the direction of Parliament Street.nb.... He halted opposite the Privy Gardens, and, with his face turned skywards, listened until the sound of the Tower guns smote again on the ear and dispelled his doubts.

: ux|en|There are some guns that are not designed for killing.

: ux|en|air-pressure [[pellet gun]];  [[air rifle]];  [[BB gun]];  [[zipgun]];  nowrap|[[nail gun]];  nowrap|a [[potato gun]]

: ux|en|a [[squirt gun]];  a [[spray gun]];  nowrap|a [[grease gun]]

: ux|en|a [[rivet gun]];  a [[screw gun]];  nowrap|a [[price-label gun]]

*: by the winter of 1962, the Brewer Surfboards Hawaii gun was the most in-demand big-wave equipment on the North Shore.

*: The glider gun on the bottom of the NOT circuit emits a continuous stream of gliders, while the data stream source emits a glider only when there is a value of 1 in the stream....

*: Greenes period-416 2c/5 spaceship gun

: He gunned down the hitmen.

: The CEO gunned down that idea before we could present it to the board.

: He gunned the engine.

: He’s gunning for you.

: Hes been gunning for you ever since you embarrassed him at the party.

: Im gun go get da gun from da closet.

*: Youre the second guy Ive met within hours who seems to think a gat in the hand means a world by the tail.

*: Goin off on a motherfucker like that

*: With a gat thats pointed at yo ass

: And Abraham gat up early in the morning (Genesis 1927)

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