rahaton englanniksi   impecunious, broke, broken, busted, skint


*: When I, good friends, was called to the bar,

*: Id an appetite fresh and hearty,

*: But I was, as many young barristers are,

*: An impecunious party.

*: "Then what became of her?"

*: "Her? Which her? The park is full of hers."

*: "The lady with the green feathers in her hat. A big Gainsborough hat. I am quite sure it was Miss Hartuff."

*: "Not improbably. I presume she does sometimes take the air. And possibly she may be the happy owner of a Gainsborough hat with green feathers."

*: "Dont be frivolous, please. She was in that victoria."

*: "Then perhaps she was too impecunious to drive both ways."

*: [I]t would be a simple matter, sir, to find some impecunious author who would be glad to do the actual composition of the volume for a small fee.

*: Guenther: I guess the hat must have broke my fall.

: He was broke and rendered unfit to serve His Majesty at sea.

*: If the broke accumulates, a larger proportion can be used in making coloured papers, otherwise the above quantity is sufiicient.

*: Presumably, most of the brokes and waste were used up in this manner, and during the manufacture of the coarse stuff little or no attention was paid to either cleanliness or colour.

*: These mills purchase broke from other paper mills through middlemen and use it to make paper.

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*: We do want a certain necessary woman to broke between them, Cupid said.

*: And brokes with all that can in such a suit / Corrupt the tender honour of a maid.

: My arm is broken!

: the ground was littered with broken bones

: A dog bit my leg and now the skin is broken.

*: Then the circle would lie down again, and here and there a wolf would resume its broken nap.

: Tomorrow: broken skies.

: broken promises of neutrality, broken vows, the broken covenant

: I think my doorbell is broken.

: This is the most broken application Ive seen in a long time.

: Oh man! That is just broken!

: The bankruptcy and divorce, together with the death of his son, left him completely broken.

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*: All that day they rode into broken land. The prairie with its grass and rolling hills was behind them, and they entered a sparse, dry, rocky country, full of draws and short cañons and ominous buttresses.

: Id like to help you, but Im busted.

: I saw you take that cookie from the cookie jar! Youre busted!

*: Plus, to be honest, the look on his face when he realized how very busted they were was worth far more than the fifty dollars I paid for their dinner.

: She was cute, but all her friends were busted.

*: ok this gals bod is hot but her face is busted

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