rinne englanniksi   slant, batter, piste, slope, face, chute, inclination, gutter, couloir, gradient


: The house was built on a bit of a slant and was never quite level.

: It was a well written article, but it had a bit of a leftist slant.

: If you slant the track a little more, the marble will roll down it faster.

*: On the side of yonder slanting hill.

: The group tends to slant its policies in favor of the big businesses it serves.

: He battered his wife with a walking stick.

: I prefer it when they batter the cod with breadcrumbs.

: Leeds United battered Charlton 7-0.

: That cocktails will batter you!

: I was battered last night on our pub crawl.

: To the dismay of his mother, the boy put his finger into the cake batter.

: When he went on a batter, he became very violent.

: rfquotek|Holland

: Hydroseeding of unvegetated batters is planned.

: The first batter hit the ball into the corner for a double.

*: Its hard to put this on his shoulders while the guy is so young, but I firmly believe Kane could go down as New Zealands greatest ever batter.

: I had to climb a small slope to get to the site.

: The road has a very sharp downward slope at that point.

: The slope of this line is 0.5

: The slope of a parabola increases linearly with x.

: The slope of an asphalt shingle roof system should be 4:12 or greater.

: ux|en|The road slopes sharply down at that point.

: ux|en|to slope the ground in a garden;   to slope a piece of cloth in cutting a garment

: ux|en|I sloped in through the back door, hoping my boss wouldnt see me.

: ux|en|The order was given to "slope arms".

*: A bank not steep, but gently slope.

*: Down the slope hills.

: rfquotek|Milton

: ux|en|She has a pretty face.

: ux|en|Why the sad face?

: ux|en|The face of this company.  nowrap|He managed to show a bold face despite his embarrassment.

: ux|en|The face of the cliff loomed above them.

: ux|en|to fly in the face of danger;  nowrap|to speak before the face of God

*: The Bat—they called him the Bat. Like a bat he chose the night hours for his work of rapine; like a bat he struck and vanished, pouncingly, noiselessly; like a bat he never showed himself to the face of the day.

: ux|en|They turned to boat into the face of the storm.

*: This is the man that has the face to charge others with false citations.

: ux|en|a pulley or cog wheel of ten inches face

: ux|en|Put a big sign on each face of the building that can be seen from the road.  nowrap|They climbed the north face of the mountain.nowrap|She wanted to wipe him off the face of the earth.

*: A mist...watered the whole face of the ground.

*: Lake Leman woos me with its crystal face.

: ux|en|Shut your face!  nowrap|Hes always stuffing his face with chips.

: ux|en|Ill be out in a sec. Just let me put on my face.

: ux|en|The fans cheered on the face as he made his comeback.

*: The Lord make his face to shine upon thee.

*: My face [favour] will I turn also from them.

*: For clarity reasons and to stress that JavaServer Faces is not only about ‘visual’ user interfaces, we propose to use the term ‘face’, to express what for visual interfaces is typically named a ‘screen’.

: rfquotek|McElrath

: ux|en|Face the sun.

*: Serene, smiling, enigmatic, she faced him with no fear whatever showing in her dark eyes. The clear light of the bright autumn morning had no terrors for youth and health like hers.

: ux|en|Turn the chair so it faces the table.

*: He gained also with his forces that part of Britain which faces Ireland.

: ux|en|Im going to have to face this sooner or later.

*: Ill face / This tempest, and deserve the name of king.

: ux|en|The bunkers faced north and east, toward Germany.

*: I will neither be faced nor braved.

: ux|en|a building faced with marble

: ux|en|to face the front of a coat, or the bottom of a dress

: The astronomer calculated the inclination of the equator or [[ecliptic]] of Earth and the [[orbital]] planes of each visible [[heavenly body]].

: Artillery must take account of a weapons precise inclination.

: rfquotek|Sir W. Temple

: The gutters must be cleared of leaves a few times a year.

: Get your mind out of the gutter.

: What kind of gutter language is that? I ought to wash your mouth out with soap.

: rfquotek|Dryden

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

*: A Galilean Rabbi? When did this Province of diggers in dirt and gutters of fish send forth Rabbis? Thou makest a jest.

*: An old, rusty coat hanger made a rudimentary fish-gutter.----

*: Those deep, dark slots in a mountain known as couloirs are often the most obvious routes of ascent.

*: Looking up the face I could see directly into the Japanese and Hornbein couloirs, an almost direct 9000 feet to the summit.

*: Ascend a long, easy snow couloir back left to the crest of Cassin Ridge at 17700 feet, where there is a campsite.

*: When they approached the couloir shortly before 0300, the snow was firm enough for them to use crampons.

: gradient automata

: rfquotek|Wilkins

: the gradient line of a railroad

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