tunne englanniksi   sense, affection, feeling, emotion, sensation, gut feeling


*: Let fancy still my sense in Lethe steep.

*: What surmounts the reach / Of human sense I shall delineate.

: a sense of security

*: this Basilius, having the quick sense of a lover

*: high disdain from sense of injured merit

: Its common sense not to put metal objects in a microwave oven.

*: Some are so hardened in wickedness as to have no sense of the most friendly offices.

: You don’t make any sense.

: the true sense of words or phrases

*: So they read in the book in the law of God distinctly, and gave the sense.

*: I think twas in another sense.

: A keen musical sense

: She immediately sensed her disdain.

*: Mr. Bennet missed his second daughter exceedingly; his affection for her drew him oftener from home than anything else could do. He delighted in going to Pemberley, especially when he was least expected.

*: a pulmonary affection

: Despite the rough voice, the coach is surprisingly feeling.

: He made a feeling representation of his wrongs.

: The wool on my arm produced a strange feeling.

: The house gave me a feeling of dread.

: You really hurt my feelings when you said that.

: Many people still have feelings for their first love.

: He has no feeling for what he can say to somebody in such a fragile emotional condition.

*: Got on a lucky one

*: Came in eighteen to one

*: Ive got a feeling

*: This years for me and you

: Ive got a funny feeling that this isnt going to work.

*: Captain Edward Carlisle, soldier as he was, martinet as he was, felt a curious sensation of helplessness seize upon him as he met her steady gaze, her alluring smile; he could not tell what this prisoner might do.

: Dont think too hard about the answers to a personality test; just go with your gut feeling.

: Houst had a gut feeling he was being followed, so he hurried to his car.

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