vittu englanniksi   cunt, fuck, fucking, twat


*: An doesnt ter know? Cunt! Its thee down theer; an what I get when Im iside thee, and what tha gets when Im iside thee; its a as it is, all ont.

*: Ah! This power-house of human misery and ecstasy, the cunt!

*: Blind boys grope out of huge pies, deteriorated schizophrenics pop from a rubber cunt, boys with horrible skin diseases rise from a black pond (sluggish fish nibble yellow turds on the surface).

*: Then there is a drum roll, and I watch open-mouthed as she bends over and produces a string of red cloths from her femininity. "What better way to celebrate 10 years of Camberwell Arts Week than pulling 10 red handkerchiefs out of my cunt?" she asks.

*: He rails against political correctness and health and safety regulations, and earlier this summer was accused of calling Gordon Brown "a cunt" in unbroadcast comments to his Top Gear audience, whom he has also referred to as "oafs".

: Fix the car? I’ll sort the cunt out at the weekend.

: I had a real cunt of a day. It was a cunt of an experience getting through it.

: I’m going to hit the clubs and see if I can get me some cunt.

: Yes, I do remember Dave, he was one funny cunt.

: Toms a good cunt, he fixed my car and didnt even charge me for it!

: Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity.

*: She wanted to fuck him more than she had ever wanted to fuck any man in her life.

*: She shoved them up and together, pushing into me, forcing my foot to fuck her tits harder and harder while gasping as if I was shoving it deep into her body...

: Im afraid theyre gonna fuck you on this one.

: You’re going to fuck up that TV!

: I fucked up my truck.

*: Goodman says he wants him to come in tomorrow and Moses is so afraid hes fucked up his chance again that he says yeah...

: I got fucked at the used car lot.

: Dont fuck with me.

: Stop fucking with the remote control.

*: They couldnt hear a single note Ted was playing and the sound guy kept yelling at them to stop fucking with the levels so he could make adjustments.

: Fuck those jerks, and fuck their stupid rules!

: Well, fuck you, man.

*: No, but Ive got a film of a couple of crocodiles having a fuck.

*: He could count on a good fuck with Lorene later on.

*: Are guys so intimidated by a girl whos totally blunt about the fact that she just wants a good fuck that they cant perform?

*: I thought she was the fuck of the century.

*: In his mind, she was probably just another fuck, but in hers it had meant so much more than that.

*: If hes a lousy fuck, I can at least say I had a lousy fuck, and if hes a great fuck, well thats even better...

*: “Hed rather have his favorite fuck with him on the greatest adventure of his life than pay money to lie with ugly strangers.

*: She used to be a secretary but then she realized that she could run a business a hell of a lot better than those stupid fucks could.

: I dont give a fuck.

: Oh, fuck! We left the back door unlocked.

: Fuck! Why do you have to be so difficult all the time?

: Do you censor your swearing?

:: Fuck no.

: Do you say it out loud and proud?

:: Fuck yeah.

: People complainin "Monday again"... course its Monday; fuck you thought came after Sunday? Sunday Jr.? (=What the fuck did you think came after Sunday?)

: Of course its the mailman. Fuck you thought it was? (=Who the fuck did you think it was?)

: They have been fucking. qualifier|[[progressive]]

: I really enjoyed fucking him, but I doubt well have another date. qualifier|[[gerund]]

: I got a good fucking out of her, but I doubt well have another date.

*: Like the French fool, that wanders up and down

*: Starving his people, hazarding his crown.

*: Peace is his aim, his gentleness is such,

*: And love he loves, for he loves fucking much.

: I took a real fucking on the interest rate for that loan.

: No fucking way.

: Get your fucking car out of the way.

*: A bit young to be so cynical and so superior, you may think. My reply is that you should fucking well have been there, and felt it for yourself.

: New Fucking York.

*: Arnold Rimmer: What are we gonna do?

*: Dave Lister: Well, I say lets get out there and twat it!

*: "Umbridgell twat him into next week."

*: "Id love to twat her over the head with this. What dya reckon?"

*: "Shed certainly bleed a lot."

*: Thats the only time I have been twatted by someone.

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