yliluonnollinen englanniksi   paranormal, supernatural, weird, occult


: The house is haunted by supernatural forces.

*: Dr Johnson defended Shakespeares use of the supernatural from the charge of implausibility on the grounds that, "The reality of witchcraft … has in all ages and countries been credited by the common people, and in most by the learned."

*: Those sweet, low tones, that seemed like a weird incantation.

*: Whiles I stood rapt in the wonder of it, came missives from the king, who all-hailed me, Thane of Cawdor; by which title, before, these weird sisters saluted me, and referred me to the coming on of time, with Hail, king that shalt be!

: There was a weird light shining above the hill.

: There are lots of weird people in this place.

: It was quite weird to bump into all my ex-girlfriends on the same day.

*: In the weird of death shall the hapless be whelmed, and from Doom’s dark prison / Shall she steal forth never again.

: rfquotek|Sir Walter Scott

: The earth occults the moon during a lunar eclipse.

: ux|en|occult blood loss;  occult cancer

*: It is of an occult kind, and is so insensible in its advances as to escape observation.

*: Elbows almost touching they leaned at ease, idly reading the almost obliterated lines engraved there. ¶ nowrap|"I never understood it," she observed, lightly scornful. "What occult meaning has a sun-dial for the spooney? Im sure I dont want to read riddles in a strange gentlemans optics."

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